Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break '09

There is way too much to cover in this one week of my life, but there are some things that cannot be forgotten:
-Grandma Jeppeson's sweet extractions machine (this got to me, it is at the top of the list for a reason, it made that big of an impact)
-Riana conducting the voting for which movie to watch, beginning in nooch, and then a thumbs up or down
-Being les miserables, sick the whole time, but pretending like I'm not
-Going on a run and getting lung disease from the fall out
-Witnessing a home-made meteor shower in the coolest cave
-Watching Juje get stuck in the cave and trying to hurl herself over the ledge and nearly kicking me in the face
-Cody getting be-tacked by dizziness
-The grandpa that almost died on Angel's Landing and the bi he had for a granddaughter
-Jenny almost buying her wedding ring
-Boy McKay
-Running into Josh at a random gas station in Beaver
-Feeding wildlife at the top of the hike
-Making cakes in orange peels and tin foil dinners
-Singing "America, America" in a round in a dark cave
-Bear Claw (also known as Bear Paw) and the $15 pancake
-All the morbid conversations we had. Planning our suicides and each other's deaths the whole time, not very healthy.
-Zion. Taking naps on cliffsides, making fun of people, driving in the sketchy van that made strange noises when speeds reached 60+ mph, the miralce of Riana bringing salted chips to cure Cody.
-The boys and girls car. Boy McKay was the first to make the trip co-ed, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't until day 3.
-Swimming at the rec center made for children, waiting in anticipation as the bucket filled and got ready to dump on us, having contests in the waterslide
Some pictures...
Descent to the unknown

Jacket Sistas

Bless her heart.

Top of Angels Landing Where the mountain nearly claimed Cody

Where the mountain nearly claimed Cody.We did it! So glad this lady was able to find enough time to snap this picture, it was worth making her late.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Call me Steve.

Scuba diving isn't as hard as it looks, but it is scarier. All the equipment and crazy looking things you have to wear is necessary, I guess... but I still think it is mostly just used for intimidation purposes.

I got to take a 4 hour scuba class this week and it was such a treat. It started with an informational film about scuba diving. I was expecting to be overwhelmed and overstimulated by all the information, but surprisingly it was pretty much common sense. There was a segment that included all the hand signals to use under water, but the good news is that they mean the same thing above the water.

You probably wouldn't guess it, but this man is trying to say that he is cold.

Can you guess what this one means? It's the signal you make if you are doing okay. Other signals include pointing up which tells the other people that you are going to ascend to the surface, and just by pointing down you can tell them that you are going to descend.

After the movie, we got all our equipment and everything ready to go. I got to wear a hot pink wet suit, probably the most flattering color they could make wet suits. Just as I was putting on the tighter than skin wet suit and admiring the way it complimented my fat, some old man with long hair came over and grabbed the suit right under my butt, at first I thought he was just gettin' fresh, but then he started violently hoisting me into the suit. Not only was it painful, but rather embarrassing.

Finally we got in the water and learned how to breath under water. We had to learn a bunch of skills that made me way nervous. We had to bail from our air tank and then refind it and start breathin all by ourselves, and then fill up our masks with water and then blow it all out. It was useful, but scary. I liked it a lot.

I think I'll get certified and do it more. I loved the way I looked in that wet suit too much to not make it a regular hobby.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sleep sleeves

Last night I slept like a crazy person, and as a result I had some insane sleep lines on my arm. I looked down at my arm and for the first time in my life, a tattoo actually seemed appealing. My sleep lines looked sweet. I'm gettin' sleeves.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I had the rare opportunity to attend the Vanilla Ice/MC Hammer concert on Friday night. There is really no way to explain this concert, and anyone that attended understands why. The closest words I have come up with are: ridiculous and hilarious. Vanilla Ice was... strange. He came out and performed most of his new stuff, aka hard core rap. He is pretty sure that he's a bad A, and he would love for everyone to believe the same, but don't let the tatt sleeves fool you, he's really not. He's the same little white kid that stole that clever tune that made him so famous. The only real change is his voice, he sounds much more manly and raspy-probably due to the years of smoking and screaming obscenities. His stage set up was much scarier than he was, it was like a haunted house with blow up Halloween lawn decor. The best part was the mad assclown running around the stage throwing water into the audience. Vanilla emptied probably about 30 bottles of water onto the audience by the end of his performance and there is no way of knowing how many clown boy went through. Wasteful, maybe. But so worth it.
Then came MC. He had quite the entourage with him. Before the show we were informed that there would be 42 dancers and a choir, there were about 12 dancers and no choir, but nonetheless it was impressive. He's still got moves, he's still only singing songs with 4 words over and over, and he is still sportin' the infamous hammer pants.

The show was the first time the two had done a concert together in 18 years. It was long overdue. One of the best parts of the concert were the array of people it brought in. There were not limits to the types of people in attendance-punks, jocks, emo's, old people, children, a few babies (during the show the mc (not the hammer, but the master of ceremonies) told the audience to sccot back and calm down because there were some babies being crushed towards the front...What! First of all who brings a baby? Secondly, why are they at the front, and thirdly is MC Hammer really that cool that people will crush babies to get a little closer?) there were hippies, some really old people, gypsies, all races and countries were very well represented, some red necks, and some divas. Needless to say, it was a prime time for "people-watching".