Wednesday, January 28, 2009

global warming is a hoax.

It's too cold for it to be true. That's all.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Show me a true blooded AGGIE!

The basketball game last night was wonderful! It was way intense, plus the half time show was a Utah State favorite-the Golden Girls, a group of about 40-50 ladies aged 70 or older that come out and do some awesome dance moves...from a kick line, to a shimmy, to the robot! And every year the finale includes this 92 year old lady that has more oomph than most 20 yr olds, and she just dances her heart and that's right folks, she can still do the splits, after the splits Big Blue scoops her up and carries her out. It is adorable. I love it so bad! Last night the infamous "Scotsman" (this is a sneak peek, however it is so much better in person!) was better than ever, surges of school spirit rushed through me! I love my ags!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When a Stranger Calls

Most people don't answer their phones if they don't know the number that's calling them. Not me. I have to. I am obsessed to find out who the mystery person is and I will go out of my way to answer it. Funny stuff usually happens when you are talking to a stranger. Last night I missed one of these calls, and they left a sketchy voice mail with shuffling noises. I thought it was probably the wrong number, but the curiosity was killing me, so I called them ring, "this number has been disconnected or is no longer in service" What! That is not normal, someone called me from that number like 10 minutes before. I don't know what that means, but based on all the horror films these days, it probably means I am about to be disconnected, aka killed.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

'09. Live.

What a week. First we road tripped down to Hurricane. Just me, Riana, and Nella. Riana provided most or all of the conversations-which is best, because no one really wants to listen to anyone but her anyway. She warned us that she does crazy stuff on road trips-crazy stuff like buying really stupid stuff that she always regrets buying. She made sure we didn't miss the cheese factory, or the belly dancing temple, we passed a roadkill carcass factory, and found out that Luke moved-who knew? The most disappointing part of the the whole trip was Riana didn't regret buying anything! Once in H-town we played jumbling tower with a hefty Irish-looking hick. And then to Nat's to distribute gnome pins and talk all night long.
Morning brought a little intervention and we did some role playing...and it was all for nothing in the end. (thanks chel) We ate at bear paw, went to a weird store and walked the streets of St. George. Met the grandparents-grams showed us a million beanie babies and gramps tried convincing us to get in a fight.After that we went shopping and we were quite the tuckered out sheep. We would rest wherever possible, in the aisles, on shelfs, etc. The unenthusiastic target representative wasn't too thrilled about us sitting in the middle of the aisle, but something tells me he's never been too thrilled about anything... We stopped off at Sand Hollow, and ended up taking a million pics, these are just a few..
The New Years celebration was off the hook. This picture say it all! Except the part when the creepy Navajo was all up in our grill.

Next we were on our way back to the other H-town for the weddin. Friday morning we all got back in the car and headed to SLC to see the happy couple come outta the temple. They were so happy the heel-clicked out!The luncheon was the best! Good food, good table, good company. We had the honor to sit with the mother and father of the bride and Shultz was such a treat. Besides the suicidal heels, everything else was wonderful... We took way too many pictures of ourselves.

And since the photo shoot at the reception wasn't enough, we headed over to Nate's studio for another dose.
The night ended with a crazy ole' time with the Ortons. Poker, twinkies on a platter, running charades, and two brothers on a hotel bed..

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Ky got hitched yesterday! I wanted to give a toast at the luncheon, but every time I hit my glass everyone started kissing, some tradition or something. But I just wanted to thank Ky for the most adventurous 19 years of my life! We've had way too much fun and some of my best memories are with this girl. Now she is married, so basically all adventures and fun has to end... At least until I get married. I can't wait til that day when the high adventure can resume! Congrats Ky!

We spent so much time together, one day we literally turned into twins.

Ky and I coined the phrase "bestos". Anyone who says otherwise is lying so bad.
Not only did we make up the term, we embodied it.