Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's on!

Gingerbread contest '09

Mike and Kim working on their beach house for Santa's after Christmas getaway.

Hay and Nate-ivity.
Linz and Brandon didn't take the contest very seriously this year, they mostly just goofed off as depicted in this shot. And then they wonder why they lost the competition.
Mostly everyone said it was a tie between the nativity and beach house, but if you think about the real reason for the season, you'll know who the real winners are.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cabin Fever

CABIN 2009!
I already miss 2009.

I love when the gnomes are on location. It was such a great little getaway.
The weekend was full of snow, good food, laughter, snow, conversation, and more snow. It was the perfect way to end finals week.
some of my favorite quotes from the weekend, that are still gettin me:
"this pizza is crisps"
"it's kinda yeasty"
"i would rather wrench both my knees" (juje explaining why she isn't a skier)
"you have your eye something?!"
"you'll wake me up, won't you remote?"
other unforgettable moments:
-riana playing taboo
-juje playing anything
-the rafters
-sardines and finding out mckay is scared of the dark
-hiking to church
-locking ourselves out of the cabin
-riana calling her dad to tell him we locked ourselves out of the cabin
-home alone
-mckay bustin' up during mrs. doubtfire
-nat and i sucking it up at pool
-the land line
-mara playing nuts
-juje answering to her raging sisters
-the moment at sunday dinner when nat and i realized the same thing at the same time
-truman actually making an appearance
-colin letting us boss him around from the rafters
-dale always looking out for us
Can't believe it was a whole year ago the gnomes were on location in Hurricane. That year went way too fast!

Friday, December 4, 2009

True Blooded Aggie

My favorite day of the year is when we go pick out a tree and then walk it home. People loved us this year, we had a jolly black man on a bike yell, "Merry, Merry Christmas!" and a family in a truck that stopped and asked us where we live and if they could help us home with it, luckily we were smart enough to know it was just a trick to steal the tree from us.
We got home, decorated the tree while listening to Christmas music on the record player. Then we cozy-ed up to a roarin fire and watched the lights bounce around on the glass ornaments. Our house has a strong scent of pine that engulfs you when you walk in the room. The new arrangement is intimate and encourages meaningful conversation.

The second best thing to happen this week was the huge basketball game on Wednesday. BYU vs. USU. This year the cougars finally mustered enough courage to show their sorry A's at the infamous Spectrum, and chances are it'll be years before they return again. They got destroyed. The line outside the Spectrum started days before the game, people were camping out in tents and when the big day finally came the line grew and grew all day long. We got there about two hours early and by that time we would've had no chance of getting in, but we found some nice people close to the front of line. It was so cold, but so worth it. We ran some laps to stay warm and played stupid games to pass the time. The good news is that we made it! We got in. There were thousands that weren't as fortunate but we fought our way in. The energy in the Spectrum was insane! Since everyone in there had to fight to get, they had to be dedicated fans, thus there was no one sitting or "too cool" for the Scotsman or the demoralizing cheers. It was epic. I love Aggie Basketball. I love the Spectrum and the cleverly bad sportsmanship. I'm so proud to be an Aggie.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Joys of Aunthood

My family makes it very hard to forget the fact that I am single. I don't mind being single that much, I actually rather enjoy it, although I do miss out on all the married club benefits like getting matching pants, sleeping in a bed, and having a partner for competitions and such. That is why this Thanksgiving I am so grateful to have my niece/best friend Averi. It's just been me and her for quite some time now, and we have grown to be bff's forever.
Now I have a new niece and nephew and they are both s'cute despite the fact that they are newborns. I love being the cool aunt. I love the children. This weekend was Baxter and Sienna's baby blessing and it was really neat to have everyone there and watch the babes get blessed. Averi is my girl. I had been looking forward to playing with her for a long time now. Due to an unfortunate series of events the one night I could have played with her all night I was trapped in Provo watching video games. I was so bummed. The guilt trips from family coming in via text message didn't help much. It is a little ridiculous how upset I was that I couldn't play with her, but that just illustrates the strong bond we have. Just when I thought I could not get any more sad, my brother told me how sad Averi was. She drew a picture of a girl with a frown that said something like "please come", and later that night when she was saying her prayers she prayed that she could "be good enough to play with hayley tomorrow". Then she ripped up the picture she drew.
Rip my heart out! I felt like such a failure. I love this rambunctious little girl, we have so much fun together. And I hope I never let her down again.

we have sleepovers

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Logan is getting so cold. It's going to be a long sad winter and I am not prepared. For some reason I keep telling myself that it can't be too cold yet because it's November, and technically its still Fall. This stupid reasoning has been getting me in a lot trouble lately, cold trouble. Thinking about that always remind me of Nate, Mara's Nate. Shout out to Nate; he believes you have to dress according to the seasonal equinoxes, meaning you can't wear a coat until Dec. 21, and you have to wear it until March 20, and then just a jacket until June 20. I love that reasoning. I love Mara's Nate, I can't wait to meet him soon.

I really wanted to remember this Halloween, because it was the weirdest I've ever had. I had to perform at the Howl aka naked nasty fest, and it was much more fun than expected. We did a messed up version of Alice in Wonderland. When we weren't dancing we were supposed to go throughout the line and scare/creep out the anxious party-ers. Anyone who knows me, also knows that it takes almost nothing to make me laugh and it's even worse when I am supposed to be serious, so that simple task proved to be much more challenging. By the end of the night I was an expert though, those sluts were so scared. I even started creeping myself out. A lot of funny things happened that night, like this freak on the company who was so into her character (mad hatter) that she damaged a lot of university property. Watching her trip over chairs, fall into people's laps and break the ticket table were the highlights of the night. It was a fun Halloween, but I did miss being with my friends. Next year I really want to have a group themed costume..i.e. gnomes.

This is the whole group
We were rabbits, and were supposed to look that miserable.
The end of the semester is coming quick and I cannot wait for a break. My little brain is all tuckered out. I can't wait to go home and play with my family, it's been too long since we were all together.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mountains and Magic

Logan is the most beautiful I've ever seen it right now, at least since last year. The bike rides are magical, weaving in and out of the leaves covering the road, speeding down the hill and looking out over the whole valley that is painted a million different colors. I went for a run yesterday, it was maybe the best run of my life. I ran up the canyon, and found this awesome trail with tons of trees covering it and had leaves falling all around me. I turned off the music and soaked up all motha nature had to give to me. There were lots of fellow runners and as we passed each other we exchanged huge smiles, everyone up there was so in love with their lives at that point in time.

When I got home we got ready to be witches for the evening. After watching Hocus Pocus the night before, I was ready. It was so fun to be with all the Relief Society sisters dressed as witches, drinking brew, making pies, and cackling.
It was a treat to have Riana's mom there to teach us how to make pies and answer Mckay's important questions.
Mckay: "And what if you don't have one of those?"
Riana's Mom: "Well, then I guess you get one."
She wasn't trying to be a smart A, but Nat and I got a big kick out of it. A funny answer for a stupid question. Thankfully, she didn't stop with the ridiculous questions throughout the whole demonstration.

In other news, I finally have a nephew! I can't wait to tease him to death and to be his favorite aunt. Welcome to the world Baxter!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bear Lake.

One of the best boating days yet. The pictures say it all.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Top of Utah

It happened. I ran a marathon. It's okay if it's hard to believe, because I still don't really believe it. Nat and I have been training for months now. We've sacrificed alot of blood, tears, sweat, and barf (just natalie). We woke up every Saturday morning at about 5:30, sometimes earlier, to run. We walked like fools every Sunday, limping and gimping about, our poor feeble legs begging us to stop the madness. We suffered through injuries, muscle spasms, and stiffness and soreness beyond measure. But it wasn't all bad, and in fact I would probably do it all over again. I loved feeling energized and healthy. I loved driving the course with Natalie on Saturday mornings when it was still dark out and she would drive so illegal, on the wrong side of the road. I think she was unconsciously trying to kill us so that we wouldn't have to do the long run. We would laugh so hard, partly because it was way too early, partly because we were scared to death for what we were about to do and mostly because we really are that funny. I loved coming home and laying on the good carpet while drinking protein shakes and gatorade, and doing some weak stretches. I loved the feeling of accomplishment after a run that you thought you could never do. I loved Riana giving us massages the day after. I loved when Nat would make me eggs and toast just like my mother.Running into the finish line.
I loved being a part of the elite hard core running community and using cool terminology. Those life long runners are out of their minds! I loved the spiritual aspect of running and how I couldn't have done any of it without praying incessantly, sometimes aloud, the entire run. I loved running around this beautiful town, the canyon is so wonderful and it's cool to know it so well now. I especially love the bond between fellow runners, I feel closer to Nat and her sisters and all other "marathon runners". There's something about running that far and training that long that you can never understand until you do it.These are my wonderful supporters. It meant so much to have almost my whole family there cheering me on and running beside me as long as they could. My gnomes came and held posters, I could not ask for better roommates and best friends. I said I wanted signs that said homegirl on it, because it's my favorite thing to be called and they really pulled through. Riana and Natalie even ran with me for a few miles and kept me distracted during the hardest part mentally for me. Turns out the distance run was actually 26.7, a highway patrol man said there was an extra half mile added because they weren't able to close down the highways like was previously planned, so I took 5 minutes off my time to compensate. I finished in 4hrs 40min, it's a little upsetting that Oprah did her marathon ten minutes faster, but I just blame it on the fact that black people do everything better, so I don't feel too bad about it.

I am so glad it's over, it's always been on my bucket list and I can't believe I already accomplished it. I know I'm not done running yet and hopefully I can get involved with triathlons and relay runs so it's a little easier on my body.

Next week Natalie and her sisters run the St. George Marathon. I'm so excited to go watch and support them! Good luck Kaelee, Melissa and Nat! Finish before Oprah or else.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome Gnome!

It started out as a heinous prank, as the weeks passed it became more apparent that this was no joke, but rather a vicious hate crime.

All the Gnomes were taken from our home.

The room once filled with friendly, adorable and perfectly innocent gnomes laid empty. We began the candlelight vigils. People started getting cutsy/clever/annoying and calling us the gnomeless home. We threatened, we raided houses and cars, we cried, we got serious, we offered rewards, but nothing. The unimaginative bandits played no games and got nothing out of it, except the loss of our friendship and gnomes' trust.

After what felt like an eternity, the Gnomes were finally returned. None of them had a scratch on them, but they were pretty shaken up when we found them. From the looks of it they had spent the whole duration of their captivity crammed into boxes. The note that accompanied them was offensive and unappreciated, and most of all confusing. The captors were mad at us. They were mad at us because they stole our gnomes. I don't get it.
The important thing is that it they are back.
We took turns cradling each of them and welcoming them back.Candice is right where he belongs.

Despite what the gnome-nappers were trying to teach us, the only thing we learned is that we definitely need more gnomes.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

In the zone.

Yesterday marked my last "long run" before the marathon. It was the most confusing run of my life. Nat and I drove up the to the same place the marathon will take place. We clocked the 20 miles we had to run leaving water bottles at 3 mile increments to keep hydrated and also help us keep track of our mileage. Something strange happened on that run that I still don't quite understand. According to the clock, and our bodies we had only about 3 miles, but the water bottle station told us otherwise, apparently we were really at 5. We should not have been there that fast, and we should not have felt that good. It got weirder as the run went on, when we reached the 11 mile marker, it felt like we'd only gone 8, and the amount of time it took us to get there was just not realistic. We would have had to have been hauling, but it felt like we were taking it pretty easy... we got home, and I felt good. I knew there was no possible way that it was 20 and something had to have been wrong with the 'mileage counter' in her car. But we went back up in a fancy car, fan-cy ca-ar and we were completely shocked to find out that we did indeed run 20. We were in twilight zone. It was great because it was so distracting, and I spent the majority of the run doing equations in my head trying to figure it out. I hope at the real marathon they post the wrong mile numbers so I can be confused and not think about running.

2 weeks and counting, I'm getting so excited to defeat it, and be done with it. I'm excited for running to stop running my life.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to Schoo

School is now in session. It's off to a great start. I think I'm already behind, but it was bound to happen sometime, I guess it's good I got it done with. This week has been enhanced about 10times due to Mckay's continuous speeches about how wonderful school is, it reminds me how lucky I am to be enrolled in this blessed University.

One reason this week was so great was the foam dance. In the background you can see a glimpse of the insanity of the students. Something about showering suds onto college kids makes them act like heathens and trample fellow students. It was such a scary feeling being in there, no one could see you, you couldn't breath and it was almost impossible to escape because of the hundreds of people pushing you further in. Once the officials found out those little tidbits of information, they shut the foam right off. Luckily we got in there before any safety measures were taken. Kinetic X was the mix master, and he was a master. It was a success. I love this school rich with tradition, and I love the friendly hippie students. It's gonna be a good year.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Touch My Body

There's way too much to cover within the last month of my life, but the moral of the story is that my life is bliss.
Gettin' swimmer's itch at Sand Hollow Lake
A couple weeks ago we got in the car and drove for what felt like 20 hours straight to get to Havasupai.
Havasupai is a magical place in AZ. It looks so different from last year, and despite the flood f'in it up, it was actually still quite beautiful.

The group of people was a miracle. They were a mess to assemble, but turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable. I love miserable people, and they all turned out to be very susceptible to misery. One of my favorite moments was waking up the first morning on the trail to find out that we had all been sleeping in a pile of crap. Collectively we probably got two hours of sleep that night. Everyone got eaten alive by crazy blood thirsty bugs and woke up swollen, with paws instead of hands, armpits that were convex instead of concave, and dinosaur neck.

Losing all that blood tuckered us right out and we slept most of the next day. Basically anytime we had a couple minutes or rather hours to kill we collapsed into comas.

And when we weren't sleeping we were accomplishing great feats such as riding spider style on the rope swing. It took Nat and I a while to figure out how to go about it, but I am proud to announce that we were victorious despite the skepticism of our so-called friends. This is when Nat was just ready to mount me, Riana and Juje stepped in to catch my sorry A. Literally.
And before we knew it we were off and clinging to each other for dear life. We then vowed to become extreme spider style riders and plan on taking this sport to a competive level.
The car ride home was the most hilarious and miserable experience. Our car overheated at about 2 or 3 pm in the middle of the dam highway, Hoover Dam highway, where the speed limit is about 5 miles an hour. We were so hot and thankfully I had just filled up my nalgene with ice cold water and I was able to douse my fellow passengers whether they wanted it or not.

I learned some valuable lessons this trip:
- Indians are more trustworthy than I thought
- Dairy treats are a good surprise when camping
- Timmy will never survive in that current
- Mariah Carey is always a welcome trip mate
- What exactly a bidet was

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

America the Beautiful.

We went to the infamous ranch not too long ago. It turned out to be a complete disaster.
Exhausted after we played "Michael's tag"
Possibly the hardest I've ever laughed, on the back of a four wheeler at least. Nat-lie and I struggled to hold on, thankfully Dale was wearing the perfect shirt that came equipped with handles fastened with a sturdy button. He was also very helpful preparing us for what was to come by yelling things like "brace!" and when there was any kind foliage coming up and we needed to duck, he yelled "folage!", it's purposely misspelled, that extra syllable would have taken too much time and it would've been too late to get out of the way.
Natalie is so great in this picture.

Some other things we've been up to:
Rafting Oneida. Juje just about died, it was funny, but sad and a close call.

Bridge jumpin

True friends watch fireworks in a circle.

The Fourth of July was great as always. I'm pretty sure that it is my favorite holiday, it never disappoints. This year I got to camp out in my back yard in the Taj Ma-Cog with my favorite brother and niece. Then we ate a nice American breakfast and headed home to Logan. I got home at the most perfect time due to an Independence Day miracle, and we headed to Idaho for an epic rope swing swarming with white trash and bad mouths. The people there were great, a few of them I never want to forget, like the poor slave boy who lives there and risks his life daily to throw the rope back to every jumper, and the girl in the cheetah bikini who swore right before she hit the water and right when she came out every single time.
When we came back we headed to the cruise-in, AKA the best thing to ever happen to Logan. I didn't know Logan had it in it to throw such a party. The streets were lined with people until about 2a.m. and every truck in the valley was draggin' main with people oozing out of the truck bed. We decided to go on a late night ride and see what kind of trouble we could get in. We ended up gettin' 10 hollas, 2 high fives, 7 honks, 3 nips, 1 crack, and 1 "best woman in the world" award. Mooch's has made Mckay quite the celebrity among the white trash of this city, it's funny that everyone knows her as the "gas station" girl.

In other news, I have started physical therapy. It's great, I feel like I'm some hard core athlete. It's real painful and hard, but a good kind of hard. My hip will be back in commission in no time.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm Paralyzed!

The gnomes and I have been training and gearing up for quite some time now. And today it all paid off. We spent the night in Bear Lake so we could be ready to run at the crack of dawn. We were able to stay in a palace of cabins with an incredible view of the lake and all kinds of toys. We went out rode four wheelers while the affordable cleaners finished their job. It was so fun to be on the back of Riana's four wheeler, I trusted her so bad, and we looked good together.
Helmeted. Just enjoying the view, and critiquing Mckay's running form.
It was such a funny day. I wish Mckay only got 4 hours of sleep every day, and I think I'll start taking puffs albuterol more often, it made me feel way weird and made me laugh way too much.
This is the girls' quarters. 3 bunk beds with pink comforters. There is a boys' room opposite this one, with 3 bunks with blue comforters. It's adorable. As cute as it was, I hope I never have to sleep there again, it was the roughest night ever. Almost none of us slept, just tossed and turned.
At about 2:00 am:
Me: (big sigh), "kill me" in a whisper
Nat: "Oh good, I thought I was the only one not sleeping"
Juje: "I can't either."
And then we were back at it, fightin' to fall asleep.
I finally remembered how to fall asleep at about 3am, and at 5:01, just two hours later the alarm went off, and then it was time.

Nat and I left at 6am to catch the "last busses" to the beginning of the course. We were scoping the competition and choosing all the people we planned on beating. As we exited the bus the bus driver said, "Good luck, and don't break a leg!" Simple, but good advice. Then we got to wait for an hour and half in the freezing cold rain until everyone got their sorry A's up to the starting line. Finally it was time to begin and after just .10 miles, a sign read 13 more miles! It was a little overwhelming, but slowly it worked it's way down and before I knew I was passing the finish line with my supportive roommates yelling and screaming SO loud! Right before I came into the finish line, a guy in a wheelchair passed me, using only his arms to travel all those miles, it was so inspiring. I just about started crying, partly because of his dedication, and partly because my legs were in so much pain and beggin me to stop the insanity.
My other favorite fellow runner on the course was this old guy, probably in his upper 70's. I chose him as the person I would beat, which makes it sound like I'm not being a very ambitious goal-setter, but you should've seen this guy. I'm pretty sure he chose me as the person he would beat too because we were neck and neck the majority of the race. He was so cute, and he ended up beating me, not by too much, but he did. I blame it on the fact that he's been doing it alot longer, and on my bum hip.

Here we are! Riana, Juje and Mckay all did the 10k and did so great! It was so fun to be there all together and to accomplish such a feat with all of them.
This picture is great for three reasons: 1. Riana and her sweat bib and amish outfit, 2. Juje's face. 3. Riana's hand cupping my neck. We are all now suffering severe paralysis, we are a pathetic sight.