Friday, November 3, 2017

Banff Part 2

We stopped at the Banff sign on the way out to Lake Louise. It was the only time that there wasn't 100 people out there, so we hurried and got out and snapped some pics. I have no explanation as to why Sloane posed so sassy, she was very happy and cooperative throughout the whole morning, but I'm not mad about it. 

Lake Louise. 
We tried to start at Moraine Lake because that one fills up so quick, but we were already too late. I think it was only 8:30, but apparently people get there at like 6. They close the road to the lake once it's full and only let people in when people come down. They also don't let you sit and wait for someone to come down, so you have to have really good timing and be the only car there, it's not likely that you will be lucky enough to drive up. I was super bummed, but I was determined to find a way to get there. In the meantime we decided to enjoy Lake Louise. 

Renting this canoe was also embarrassingly expensive. But I had researched it beforehand, so I wasn't surprised or mad. I was also 100% sure that I wanted to do it, so I hurried and paid before Nate could try and talk me out of it. The people at the rental were so nice and cute. They loved Sloane. When they handed her her life jacket, Sloane said, "thank you" and they were like, "did she just say thank you?? omg that is so cute". Later that day (like 5 or 6 hours later) we were walking back to our car and we heard a couple of girls say, "Hi Sloane!" and it was the girls from the canoe rental. I was impressed that they remembered her name and a little annoyed that Sloane was popular enough to have friends in Canada. 

This lake is so insanely beautiful. It's so pretty you just can't really appreciate it. It's confusing. 

I literally took pictures 90% of the ride. Nate rowed by himself nearly the whole time because I couldn't stop. I was switching between my phone and the real camera and between photos and videos and trying to capture the beauty of the surroundings (from both POV's and both sides of the lake) as well as the cuteness of Nate and Sloane. I was SO busy. And I had a lot of moneys worth to get out of it. 

Before we got on the boat, the people laid out all the rules and made some weird threats that we talked about the whole ride. They said if you try and get out of your canoe, we will come and take your canoe away and you will have to walk all the way back to the rental house with your life jackets. They made it sound like walking with life jackets was really hard and that doing that with a toddler would be near impossible. I feel like saying the water was 2 degrees would have been a good enough threat. Even though we weren't scared of the consequences, we still didn't get out of the canoe. Although Sloane did hang over the edge for most of it and when we got off her hands were frozen.  

Even though it's expensive, I would still recommend the canoe experience to anyone. It was so fun to be ON the lake and get away from all the tourists. It was even more breathtaking. 
After that we went into the Fairmont hotel that overlooks the lake. We walked right on past the "Guests only" sign and acted like we were staying there. We found out that there was a shuttle that would take us to Moraine Lake, and then we found out that the shuttle would cost us $60 because we weren't hotel guests. Nate was like, "do you really want to spend $--- on lakes today? (adding in the canoe rental cost) and I said, " Yes, yes I do." I knew it was probably the only chance I would get to see Moraine and I thought it was worth it. So we hopped on the shuttle, the driver said we could pay him when we got to the lake so we went and sat down. When we got to the lake the driver had disappeared. I tried to find him but couldn't, so I figured we'd just pay on the return trip. But the driver on the return trip figured we had already paid and didn't make us pay on the way down. We thought, she must be waiting until we get back to the hotel, but when we got back we got off the bus and the driver was gone. So...we didn't pay. I didn't feel that bad about it because that is an outrageous price to pay for a 20 minutes bus ride. Wow. That was a long story about a free bus ride. 

This. This is why I was willing to pay $60 to get to this lake. 

The water is truly this blue. I don't understand it. 

By this time in the day, Sloane was getting irritated. She was hungry and tired. We didn't anticipate being away from the car for so long so we had no snacks. Luckily there was a little cafe at the lake and we spent $30 on two sandwiches and a drink. (I don't know why I keep telling you the price of everything, I guess I have some weird repressed anger about it and this is how it's manifesting itself) 
Anyway, we tried really hard to make her eat and she wouldn't. We wanted to leave so bad but we had to wait an hour and half until the next shuttle came. So it was time to try and get her to sleep. I had high hopes that maybe she was tired enough to just pass out if we held her still enough, but that was not exactly how it went down. She was a nightmare. She was screaming so loud and I felt really bad because there were so many people around. I thought if I could just get her to calm down and hold still she would surely fall asleep. I held her tight against my body and started walking around the lake, but she wasn't giving in and in fact she was getting more angry. Finally Nate took her into the parking lot and found a quiet ish little area and let her scream. She fought it for probably 45 minutes. It was the worst part of the trip. Nate and I were both so ornery. And I didn't want to just sit in this weird area for an hour while she slept, so I asked Nate if he cared if I left and he didn't. I walked back up to the top of the viewing area and sat by myself and tried to calm down and enjoy the insane beauty in front of me. It was a nice time to myself. 

I walked around the lake for a minute and then realized it was time to go catch the shuttle. So I ran back to get Nate and (sleeping) Sloane and we got on the shuttle. Everyone on the shuttle was SHOUTING and some bus alarm was going off. Sloane woke right up and I almost lost it, "Do you people have any idea how hard it was to get this baby to sleep! She's only been asleep for 20 minutes! Shut your faces!" Luckily, our frantic "shhh"'s in her ear worked and she fell back asleep for the shuttle drive. It was not a great outing. Perhaps that's why we didn't have to pay, because that really did make me feel better about the whole experience. I would have been pretty upset if we paid all that money just to battle it out with a psycho sleep-hating baby. We got back, hung out for a minute and then hopped in the car and drove back into town. 

DAY 3...or 4 I think. 

We stuck around town and just explored the Banff village. 

Starting at the crazy Fairmont Banff. This place was insanely cool. It super old and haunted and I loved reading the story of the ghost bride who died there on her wedding day. 

I heard a lot of hype about this ice cream, and it lived up to it. It was delicious. We bought a one scoop cone for all of us to share and we couldn't even finish it. We aren't big ice cream people I guess. 

I got one of these one night and thought it was alright, but nothing particularly special. But then the next day I woke up thinking about how bad I wanted another one. I went and got another one and acted like it was gold, taking pictures of it and savoring every bite. It was a quick change of heart. I really want another one now. 

We had a little bit of extra time before getting on the plane, so we checked out a park in Calgary. It was a really cool park. I really appreciate that Canada has so many fun signs to take pictures with. 

The plane ride back was les miserables. I thought Sloane would sleep for sure because we were all pretty exhausted from the trip, but she was wide awake the whole time and being insane. It was the longest 2 hour flight, and a pretty long drive home from the airport. She didn't fall asleep for a long time and then she only slept for a few minutes before waking up screaming and took another 10 minutes to calm down enough to go back to sleep. 

Overall it was a great trip, and I have some really good memories with my little fam. I am making a little video of the trip and will share it when it's done. 
K bye. 

Banff Part 1

We decided we needed to hurry and go on a trip before Sloane turns 2 and doesn't fly free anymore. I've been dreaming of going to Banff for a long time and Nate was indifferent. I convinced him it was the right decision and I think it was.

The plane ride there was a dream. Sloane watched a show until we took off and then 3 minutes into the flight, she laid down on my lap and closed her eyes. I was just thinking she was doing her "pretend to be asleep" game, but then she stayed there. I was confused. Nothing like this has ever happened, going to sleep willingly and in public?? But I went with it and started rubbing her back and within a few minutes she was asleep. I was in shock. This child hates sleep more than anything and she wasn't particularly tired. It took me about 20 minutes to emerge out of my state of shock and then I listened to podcasts and basked in the glory of a sleeping child. 

I'm such a good mom, my baby just falls asleep on me without me trying.

Sloane's first international trip! When we went through customs and they take your picture on that little computer she made the funniest face, I wish I would have taken a picture of it. 

We hung out in Calgary for a little minute and tried "The Big Cheese" which sells every variation of poutine there is. We regretted this decision. It was hot outside and the poutine was hot. We felt a little tired and gross from traveling and this was not a light meal and doesn't necessary make you feel great afterwards. It's french fries, gravy and cheese curd. Nate and I had a couple bites of each, while Sloane rolled around on the filthy floor and we got out of there. I was hating being in the city bustle, so I told Nate we needed to get out! I came for mountains and fresh air. 

This was our pool at the place we stayed. I think it's probably the most beautiful pool I've ever been to. Not the actual pool of course, but the whole scene. 

The first morning was Nate's birthday, so I told him to take a bath or do whatever he wanted and Sloane and I went and explored a little. We sat by the pool and drank hot chocolate and watched a million squirrels run around. It was maybe one of my favorite moments on the whole trip. Sloane was so happy and it was a beautiful crisp morning. 

After that we went and drove around and came across the Banff gondola. We thought it would be around $20 each. It was not. I will not tell you how much it was because it's shocking and embarrassing that we actually paid it. I justified it by saying that in American money it was much less (even though I knew how much it was in American money and it wasn't that much less). Anyway, we went and I loved it. It was so beautiful up there, 360 degree views of incredible mountains, valleys, and rivers. 

At the Top

A couple days after this there was some insane wildfire smoke that settled in and we were so glad we did this the first day or else we wouldn't have been able to see anything. 

Sloane's favorite part of the trip was riding the bus. Seriously, every day when we asked what she wanted to do she just said "bus". 

Our room had a real life fireplace, so the first night we cozied up to a nice warm fire while watching weird vacation tv. 

DAY 2 
We hiked Johnston Canyon trail and it was so beautiful. The water was insanely clear, but simultaneously super blue. There were tons of people on the trail and quite a few people trying to hike with strollers. A couple of people told us how smart we were for bringing a backpack instead of a stroller. I don't feel like it was that smart, just basic common sense. Plus, no backpack probably would have been better, because Sloane was in the backpack for about 4 minutes of the entire hike. 
So many crazy waterfalls along the path. 

One of the view points allowed you to get up close and personal with a waterfall and it scared Sloane a little. 

A secret path leads to this cool cave and waterfall. 

Trying to make her hold still for two seconds. She would take off running and then get in so many people's way. Finally, we forced her in the pack. 

She was pretty annoyed. 
But she was getting tired and lazy with her running and it was the safest and fastest option. 

"S" is for Sloane

We came back to the hotel and got her to take a nap and when she woke up she wanted to cuddle with Dad. I was allowed to be there, but I was not allowed to touch her. 

And I guess this will be a "to be continued..." You're not gonna want to miss Part 2! 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

6 years of love!

Dear Juje (If your name is not Juje, see last post, or don't)
There are plenty of things I could tell you about right now, but it's almost Nate and I's anniversary and I know how much you love the anniversary posts. And I feel like I didn't do one last year and so this year has to be really really good.

It's been a great year with my Nate. He is my most favorite person to be with. I just don't get sick of him, which is pretty insane, because I get sick of almost everyone at some point. He calms my freak outs, makes me laugh all the time and is such a good dad it's a little annoying.

Some highlights from the last year:

-We found out in June that we were pregnant with baby number #2!
We are so excited to add another baby to the family! I can't wait to watch Nate cuddle that newborn bundle for hours every night when he comes home from work. 
-This pregnancy, I've been a lot more emotional, especially the beginning. I finally feel like I'm getting a handle on things, but there were a few weeks where I felt like a crazy person. There were many days when Nate would come home and find me and Sloane both with red puffy eyes because we just kept making each other cry. Other times I would start crying over nothing or over something really stupid and Nate would try really hard to be nice, but he couldn't help but laugh at me. At the time I was annoyed, but even deep inside me the normal Hayley realized that laughing was the only appropriate response. 
-We were in Banff for Nate's birthday so he didn't get celebrated very well. I had full intentions of making him a cake and celebrating more when we got home, but that didn't happen. Sloane's birthday came too fast and I barely did anything for her and I was in the midst of crazy pregnant emotions. My particular emotion around that time was that I didn't care about anything. One Sunday (2 weeks later) Nate went into the kitchen to start making dinner and I said are you going to make yourself a cake? And he said, no I'm still trying to figure out how to make you do it. Then he said, "Alexa, add a book on how to make my wife make me a birthday cake to the shopping list"
And she did it. It made me laugh so hard. The book is still on the list, I guess he hasn't been able to find one. Thus, I still haven't made him a birthday cake. He finally made himself a cake. 
-Every Sunday Nate pretty much makes all the food. He usually makes a big breakfast, then while Sloane and I nap he makes a perfect dinner and usually has dessert baking while we eat dinner. Naturally, Sundays are my favorite days. 
-Nate has been trying to get me to watch Uncle Buck for years. And every time I just moan and groan about how much I hated it when I was young. He was sure I would love it and so he would reference it frequently to peak my curiosity. Finally one night I said, "Fine I'll watch it, but I am not going to like it!" So we watched...and I accidentally lol-ed once and then again and Nate sat there very satisfied with himself. After the show ended, I tried to tell him that I hardly liked it, but we both knew the truth. 
-I loved watching Nate baptize our niece, Maddie. They have a cute little bond. I firmly believe that he is all of his family members favorite family member. He is so caring, attentive and works hard to have a good relationship with all of them. I love that. He teaches me to be a lot kinder and to give people the benefit of the doubt more often. 

-This year for dance I choreographed a "fun dance" to fun music because it seems all the dances we do on that company are serious and heavy. Nate has commented on it a lot and I have always felt the same. So I made this dance for fun and as a little tribute to Nate. In the description of the dance I even wrote that it was "For Nate". I didn't tell him much about it, but I was excited for him to see it and I hoped so hard that he would like it. I was actually really really nervous for that dance on the night that Nate came because I wanted him to like it so bad. That was the finale of the show, so I got to go talk to him right after the dance. He gave me the best reaction! I was shocked by how much he loved it and how excited he was about it. It was the most genuine compliment and I almost cried. I felt so proud. He has a high bar and he doesn't give high praise unwarranted, so that made it even more special. The show was two nights and the second night of the show, he said he wished he could come watch my dance again because it was so great. It blew my mind. He has always been supportive, but never shy to let me know that dance concerts are not his favorite. The dance the second night was even better because I was "all in" and I had so much fun, I wish he could have been there too!

-It's no secret that Nate and Sloane are best friends. Nate is just the best dad I've ever seen. He never acts annoyed or put out on days when he has done the majority of the "Sloane work". He never tires of playing the same game over and over. He never complains about getting up with at night, and in fact most of the time he is genuinely happy to do it, because he adores that girl so much. I often feel like the 3rd wheel when we're all together and 90% of my photos and memories are images of those two cuddled up, or hand in hand or sitting by each other. It's just where they both like to be. Every once in a while I wish I could be part of the club or that Sloane would want me as bad as she wants Dad. But the majority of the time, I just watch with a bursting heart of happiness because of how sweet they are together. 

-This may not be Nate's favorite memory, but while we were in Vegas this year, Sloane would only let Nate hold her. She would loudly protest when I tried to relieve him and take a turn. We walked A LOT and poor Nate was feeling it, but he was still so happy to hold and didn't complain or try and pawn her off once.

-Nate's family growing up made a big batch of popcorn every Sunday night. We have started to do the same and Nate could not be more proud of how much Sloane loves popcorn. She is starting to learn how to help make it and is becoming a real good "salter". She is so much like her Dad in so many ways. 

-It's been fun to watch Nate start getting things done in the yard. He is really not afraid to do things which is really good because most of the time I'm paralyzed by fear, nothing would get done without him around. 

-Nate has been calling himself a "show concierge" because he has been giving out really good customized recommendations to people and all his clients are very satisfied. He watches lots of shows while he's working so he knows almost any show that anyone talks about and he is really good at knowing what people will like too. I think he needs to start charging for consultations. 
-Nate has had some really good lines this year, but unfortunately I was lazy about writing them down and I don't have a memory, so you'll just have to take my word for it. One thing he says a lot is, "compared to what". That is pretty much his response to everything I say, it makes me crazy, but it's also really funny sometimes. 
-Neither one of us is crazy about our last name, mostly because it's long, a little hard to pronounce with the extra i sound in there and it's just annoying. We both decided quite easily on a new last name and I can't wait until we get the guts up to change it. It's a really good one guys. 
-Nate has converted me to the church of Taco Bell. I was so resistant to it for so long and thought it was just like all the other gross taco fast food, but I was so wrong. I now have a testimony of Taco Bell. I love it so much. I wish I hadn't waited so long to believe him, I have missed out on so many crunchwrap supremes. His next project is getting me onboard with Burger King, but I am 99% sure it's not going to happen. 
-Nate has been driving down to salt lake once a week to play rugby with a team down there. I love how much he loves rugby and how much it's motivating him to get in really good shape. He is not afraid to set lofty goals like running a 6 minute mile or trying out for a professional rugby team. I'm a little wussy and all my goals are little dinky things that I think I'll probably be able to do without much work. 
-He is such a good listener and pays attention to the stupid things I tell him. He always surprises me by how many peoples names he knows from my work, or little things I've told him about my friends or my memories. 

Happy 6 years Natey! You have exceeded so many expectations as a husband and father and I am so lucky and happy to your wife. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Summer Part 2

It's happening. There's going to be a Part 2! To speak my truth, my blog stats (if you can even call them that) have gone way down. Besides losing all my sponsorships, this has no effect on me at all. Believe it or not, I don't do it for the fame. The part where it gets awkward is when I'm acting like I'm talking to an audience, when there is literally no audience. (I usually get texts from the parents about my posts, and even they aren't reading anymore. I can't imagine anyone else reading if my own parents are too cool to read) It makes me feel a little weird and not quite sure how to write, so if by some freak chance there's a weirdo out there reading...I guess just tell me your name and maybe I can just start addressing you personally.

Okay, Summer Part 2!

Fourth of July festivities included a giant breakfast, swimming, snowcones and then more food. Sloane likes going to the pool with Nate more than me. I don't really know why. 

Yay for America! 

I found out that I was probably pregnant in New Orleans but couldn't get a test until I came back, and WE'RE PREGNANT! We are so excited. I am now 19 weeks, almost half way! Baby is due in February! I have been feeling mostly good, just real tired and unmotivated. I have also had weird pregnancy acne which has been annoying. My energy is finally returning and it's so much fun to feel like a regular person! I started exercising again and sometimes I'll even muster enough strength to make dinner now! Things are really turning around. We find out the gender in about a week and half and I am super excited because I really have no idea. Sloane doesn't quite understand what is happening and always tries to get the baby out so she can play with it. She doesn't understand why I keep saying there's a baby in there and then she goes around pointing to everyone else's belly saying "baby in there". 

We went to Bear Lake with my family in July and it was a complete disaster. JK it was really fun, but our camgrounds were like 2 minutes away from each other and that was just really hard for everyone. 

Peg getting adventurous on the paddle board. I have some realll good videos of Lachelle and Peg trying to stand up on the paddle boards. It was maybe the funniest thing that happened the whole time. We also played a game of BINGO where you fill the squares in with things that always happen or things that are always said when we get together and had a little contest. It's scary how predictable everyone is. 

This girl loved playing in the sand and water. It was so hard to drag her away at the end of the day. 

I took Sloane out on the paddle board and as I was paddling I looked down and she was dozing off, I hurried and paddled back to shore and as soon as we got back she said, "bampa" (grandpa). So we took her over, dropped her on his lap and they were both asleep within 10 minutes. 

Somehow even after playing and swimming all day in the sun, Sloane still had so much energy at night! She just wanted to run around the campfire and chase people. It wasn't my favorite activity because of the raging fire in the middle of everyone, but she was having so much fun. She also found a brush and went around brushing all her cousins hair, they loved it. 

One night it got super windy. This is Nate trying to help anchor the Bennion's tent. 

And this is Sloane pretending to help too. 

I love quiet mornings on Bear Lake. We camped right by the water so we were the first ones there in the morning. 

These two cuddled up in morning is probably the best part about camping.
We brought our giant mattress again and it was heavenly. 

After my family left, we met up with the Coombs and they took us out on the boat. Sloane and Rocco both wanted to drive, but neither one of them was very good at it. 

Sloane loved boat life.

We got on the boat right at nap time and she held out for about 2 hours and right when we decided to go back to the marina so we could let her sleep, she fell asleep. The girl has got great timing. 

Nate surfing like he's been doing it forever. This was his first time trying. 

After Bear Lake we went home, worked for a week and then it was time for the Christiansen campout. 

Nate's mom brought a little cardboard kitchen she made and a few dishes and Sloane was in heaven. She made an entire dirt menu and was entertained for days! 

We saw in our camp one day and Sloane loved it. Later Nate and Sloane went on a walk and he asked her if she saw any animals and she said, "yeah, moose". She does that a lot where she just repeats things she heard recently so he didn't think much of it. Then she said it a couple more times, so he stopped and looked around a little closer and not too far in front of them was the huge moose. They were a little too close for his comfort so he slowly backed away and then came back to camp in a hurry. 

This is pretty much what Sloane looked like the whole time. It was a fun trip. We camped up near Park City in Wanship. We left one day to go play in the reservoir near by and then went and watched one of our nieces play in a soccer tournament. Nate and I tried to go stay in Park City after the trip, but every single hotel room was taken. LAME!  

Sloane and her big girl bed! 
Sloane went through a terrible period of sleeping. She figured out how to climb out of her bed and would climb out the second we put her in. It seemed like way too early, but we switched her to a toddler bed. It took about a week of adjustment, but she finally started staying in bed and now she sleeps better. And she can get out of the bed in the morning by herself, which is good and bad. Good when she comes and climbs into our bed, but not so good when she does that at 5 AM. Every time she comes into our bed she packs up her entire bed and brings it with her. It's so funny to watch her come in trying to carry her bear and moose and pillow and blanket, it's quite an armful. 

Playing with Flint (the little boy that she babysat with) and her dog, Sammie (bammie as she calls him). I love that she gets to have a dog at her babysitters and that I don't have to have a dog. 

Climbing trees on our run along the river trail. 

We went down to Salt Lake for the day and played at City Creek and ate at Crown Burger. Sloane loved the mall so much, she just ran around like she owned the place. After we ate, we dropped Sloane off with Uncle Lance and we went to see one our favorite comedians, Nate Bargatze. He's so funny, watch all his stuff. 

Comedy Club! 

With the funny guy himself! He was such a nice and had some funny things to say about Utah and Salt Lake. 

The next weekend was the good old Cache County Fair. I love going to the fair. Sloane loved the carousel and probably would have gone on every ride there if we let her. 

The next weekend we headed down to Beaver to hang out with the Beechers. They had a sweet cabin hook up and we had been talking about getting together forever, so I invited us to come too. On the way down, our car started having some really stupid transmission problems and we had to stop a few times to let the car cool down. It took us so much longer to get down than we expected, but we did stop at some really weird A places, so there's that. The first stop was an exit with no services, but there was a lot of garbage and super hot rocks that kept Sloane entertained. (I'll do a travel guide soon and be sure to include this hidden gem). We also stopped at the Scipio Zoo. Yep, Scipio. I had no idea it was a thing, but they have this tiny little petting zoo and it was full of the craziest people. Sloane loved it. They are pretty legit, they have bunnies, goats, a camel and a freaking zonkey (zebra-donkey).  

After we made it to Beaver, we figured the car probably wouldn't make it up the mountain, so we forced Austin to leave his vacation to come and pick up the visitors who invited themselves along on his trip and he totally did it. He's a little too nice. 

We went four-wheeling and explored the mountains, ate lots of snacks, hung out on the deck by the fire, chatted, sat in the sweet hot tub, played games and watched movies. It was such a nice weekend. And only a little tainted by the stress of our car being broke. 

Kiddos on a log. 

We all got to have our own four wheeler and it was awesome. It was my first time getting to be the driver, and I loved it. I've gone four wheeling a lot in my life, but I always go with someone who is more experienced and they always got to drive. It was a little nervous at first, but so much fun! 

Taking an exploration break. 

On one of our longer rides, both these babies fell asleep. It was a pretty rough trail and I'm still in shock that they were able to sleep during that. I'm even more shocked by Nate and Austin's driving skills in being able to navigate the trail and holding a sleeping baby. Dads, ya know? 

Nate is on the phone with auto repair shop. They are not telling him the things we wanted to hear. BUT look at that girl snoozing away, she'll take some of the stress away. 
We weren't able to get anything fixed because they didn't have the parts they needed, so we just drove home carefully, keeping the speed under 75 seemed to do the trick. It wasn't so bad to be passed by everyone on the road. 

Solar eclipse of the heart. Nate and I got together for a lunch date and watched the eclipse together it was a fun day. It was crazy how chilly and dark it got, and we weren't even in the totality. Next time we're driving to be in the path though, we regretted not driving the two hours to experience it. 

We have the giant stump removed from our driveway, and then decided to go to town and just destroy everything while we're at it. 

My girl. 

My parents came up to visit one weekend, so of course we went to the bookstore. Sloane terrorized that place and it was pretty fun to watch. She was too small for any of the toddler sized clothes and my dad was ticked about it. 

A quick break for some yard destroying...
This is the "I dug this all out with my bare hands" picture. It's so funny. 

We went to the Fruit Heights Apple Days celebration and it was the best. They had the best parade and dumped so much candy it was insane! We had a huge bag without even trying. Sloane loved the parade and wanted it to keep going forever. After the parade we went over the city center where they had all kinds of games and inflatables to play with. Everything was free and there were hardly any people there. Nate and Sloane went down some of the big inflatable slides and Nate played a fun soccer game that was kinda like darts. No lines, no tickets, no money. Small towns are the best! 

This picture gives me so much happiness. 
Nate walks Sloane over to the babysitters house every day. I watch them as I get in my car and go to work. I love and hate watching them walk away. Some days it makes me so sad that I have to leave and some days I just enjoy watching this little scene. Sloane is getting to be more independent these days and she is starting to request outfits. She is not a girly girl, so it always surprises me how much she loves to wear her little tutu. She also put on a bandana for a necklace and had to hold her water bottle. I love watching her become a little person. 

It was a really good summer. I'll miss you sweet sunshine and long days.